An Intterra Administrator has access to the Settings tab Portal App and, therefore, the ability to add, update/edit, and delete users in Intterra.  Admins can also assign users to different user roles, and can export a list of all users.  The following sections will walk you through the necessary steps.
Included in this article:
  • Add users
    • How to add a single user
    • How to add several users at one time
  • Update/edit a user
  • Delete users
  • User roles
  • View and Manage Locked Accounts
  • Export user list
  • Bulk user edits
  • Bulk user imports

Add Users

There are two options for admins to add users:
  • Manually add a single user.
  • Send out a special URL (as a QR Code or, if you like) where a larger number of users can be invited to set up their own account.
Additionally, the Intterra Account Manager can add do a bulk upload of users.  

To add a single new user:
Within Settings, ensure you are in the Users section (in blue on the left).  Click New.  Both options require that the added user verify their email address; tell your new users to keep an eye out for an email from Intterra Communications in order to complete their account setup.

Complete the required fields, noted with a blue asterisk.
  • Name: This will be displayed at the top of the user's system, site.
  • Username: This must be a continuous set of characters (no spaces).   TIP: Choose the same username as the new user's email address (for example, with the email address, the username could be user.123).
  • Email: The new user's email address.
  • Group: The internal Intterra account name assigned to your agency.  Use the dropdown to select.
  • Optional fields:
    • Phone: Phone number.
    • Org. Role/Title: For larger accounts, such as state accounts, this could be used for each user's organization name.
    • Temporary checkbox: This can be used for someone who will not be with your organization permanently.  If you select this box, you can easily find accounts that you would like to export or delete.
    • Roles: Choose a listed role for the new user, or leave it blank for the Default role.

To add several new users at one time using a URL/ Code:
Within Settings, ensure you are in the Groups section (in blue on the left).  (Remember, newly added users will have to verify their email addresses; tell your new users to keep an eye out for an email from Intterra Communications in order to complete their account setup.)
Select your Group.  Either:
  1. Right-click on the row and select Details, or
  2. Click on the Actions button and, from the dropdown, select Details.

At the bottom of the Group Details pane, click the Actions button, and then choose New Account Url (similar to the steps above).  Copy the URL for inclusion in your dissemination method of choice (email, QR Code, etc.)

Update/Edit a User

As an Intterra Administrator, you can update nearly all of a user's information.  The only exceptions include the username and email address (because those are the unique identifiers and keys for the user record).

Within Settings, ensure you are in the Users section (in blue on the left).  Use the search bar to locate the user (by their name, username, group, role, etc. according to the syntax indicated in the search box prompt).

Once the user is found, click on Actions and then Details (alternately, you can right-click on the row with the user's name and then select Details).

Make the necessary updates, and don't forget to click Save.

Delete Users

To delete a user, follow the steps from Update a User (above) to navigate to the user's details.

At the bottom of the user's profile, select Actions and then Delete.

NOTE: From a database perspective:
  • Users get  logically deleted if they have never logged in and they were created more than 365 days ago.  (The user's access is revoked.)
  • They are  physically deleted after another 365 days. In between that time period, an admin can resurrect the account; contact if you feel you have several users with this status. 
  • These time periods can be adjusted for your system.

User Roles

All users have specific roles (such as "ProjectTeam," "ViewOnly," "Collector," etc.).

Roles are used to group data, tools, and workspaces into specific packages for classes of users – allowing System Administrators to coordinate access to specific features and data.  Roles dictate what a user can see and do in each workspace.

To assign a role to a new user (or update the role of an existing user):
  1. Follow the steps to Add a User or Update a User (above).
  2. Before tapping the Save button, decide the user's functional role.  Typically, the options under Roles include:
    1. Select no role; this gives the user the Default role (as indicated in the Group Details, initially set to All Capabilities in the account, such as map editing and access to all tools in your agency's Intterra system). 
    2. Select a listed role; this has the impact of  limiting what that user can do in your Intterra system.  NOTE: Assign no more than one role.  
NOTE: Contact your Intterra Account Manager to assign an Admin role.

View and Manage Locked Accounts

Client administrators can see which user accounts are 'Locked' both in the Settings dashboard and in the user export.  This enhancement provides those with Admin privileges an additional tool for supporting and managing users.

TIP: To view and export a list of locked accounts, type "locked: yes" into the search box.

Two situations will produce a locked = 'yes' for users: 
  1. Newly added users who have not yet validated their account. The 'locked' users have an Intterra system account validation email that they have not responded to.   
  2. An existing user who has been locked due to a password problem. Six failed login attempts will lock the account.    
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As of May 2020, administrators can unlock users or reset the password for locked accounts.  
  1. In the Settings Page, select the 'locked' user to which you want to manage.
  2. Click on Actions.
  3. Click on Details.
  4. At the bottom of the details page, select Actions
  5. Image Placeholder
  6. Select either: 
    • Unlock User to unlock the account.  The is no change to the password or notification to the user. This is option is helpful for users who don't have access to email and know their password.
    • Reset Password to reset the users password.  This is the same as the user clicking on recover account on the login page. They will receive an email with a link to recover their account. They will need to click on Recover Account and select a new password.  
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Export User List

To export a list of users, visit Settings and ensure you are in the Users section (in blue on the left).  You can sort the list before or after the export process.
If you want to reduce the exported list to users who, for example, are within a certain role, use the search bar (example: "role: ViewOnly").

Check the top-most selection box to select all users in your chosen list or pick and choose which names you would like to export.  Select Export from the Actions
dropdown menu.   The CSV file will export to your computer's Downloads folder.

Bulk User Edits

You can make bulk changes to a user’s phone, organization/title, temporary flag, and role.
  1. Select all the users to which you want to apply the bulk edit.
  2. Click on Actions.
  3. Click on Details.
  4. Edit.
  5. Save.

Bulk User Imports

Your Intterra Account Manager can do a bulk import of a list of users.  This method can be a good practice if you have a large number of users to add and you want to avoid the password confirmation process for each user - i.e., accounts assigned to apparatus where several users may access the same device.  It's especially useful when you have a common admin email address for all accounts.   

You will be required to provide a spreadsheet with the following (see below).
  • Name (i.e., John Doe (BLM))
  • Username (i.e.n john.doe) - Password Requirements: Must be a new password. Must be at least six characters total. Must include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
  • Optional: Password (recommended for usernames that will be assigned to an apparatus, rather than for individual users)
  • Email address
  • Group Name (provided by Intterra)
  • Optional: Phone
  • Optional: Title
  • Is temporary?  True or False
Click users_template.csv to download.  Fill out the spreadsheet with the required information, save it as an Excel Workbook, and return that file to your Account Manager.

  • It's important to have  Usernames that will be unique to all Intterra users.  Duplicates are not allowed.  Your Account Manager can provide guidance.
    • The bulk upload process will notify the Account Manager that there was an issue, but it doesn't identify specific users that failed to load.  Reconciling can be tedious, which is why we request that the file you provide be an Excel Workbook (it's much easier to edit than a CSV file, for example).
  • Imported users will be assigned the default role for the client.  In most cases, this role has full access to view and edit.  Client Admins can make a bulk edit or change to roles (see the Bulk User Edits section above), but it's an important consideration.
  • Users are not required to validate their account as with all other methods for adding users.