The 'role' dictates what the user can access within Intterra.

There are three main types of roles that an administrator can assign a user:
  1. Maps
  2. Data
  3. Analytics

A user can only have one of each type of role.  There is no requirement to have one of each kind, however. 

Maps Roles
The selection of roles available here dictate what the user can see within the Intterra application primarily for the modules Intterra Operations, Intterra Incident Management, and Intterra Pre-planning.  (There is a component of Intterra Analytics & Reporting within the map view, however, the bulk of the data for this module is within the Intterra Analytics & Reporting itself.)

These roles tend to align with the modules to which you have access, but are usually based on either editing access or read-only access.

Data and Analytics Roles

  1. Data Role - Grants user access to a defined set of data.
  2. Analytics Role - Grants user access to the set of designated charts/visualizations.
Both roles are required to view the visualizations within Intterra Analytics & Reporting.  Underlying policies in these roles control the rows of data from the Fire Data Lab that each user can see. 

For more information about administrative user management please see the Manage Users article.