Intterra has completed research on the various COVID data sets that are available related to local COVID data. Three (3) out-of-the-box data sets have been researched and may have relevant data for local agencies to align with other locally sourced information, as each agency/client is working with their local health authority or Emergency Management function to report for their area.

GIS Corps COVID Testing Sites

These are testing sites at the local level maintained by GIS Corp volunteers. This data is derived from volunteers scrubbing data sources to collect attribute information about locations. Accuracy is variable from site to site due to the collection process/crowd sourcing. (When you click on these sites, the information related to hours of operation and their schedule for testing is displayed). Voted as a good point of reference layer - in one place - to help 1st responders "direct traffic" for testing sites.

Medicare Approved Facilities

This layer(s) shows the location of health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc. This is important since a common location of COVID is skilled care facilities such as nursing homes. This is only the Medicare approved facilities but should capture the vast majority of locations that may be impacted Voted as nice to have alongside Operations or PrePlans.

John Hopkins US Counties Cases

This layer shows the number of fatalities and reports of COVID weekly. This is the layer that supports information for the JHD COVID Dashboard. This is at the county level and a point layer.

Intterra Facilities Coordination 
Intterra has created a facilities planning layer that can be enabled in any client system.  This layer is intended for use alongside Ops and/or PrePlans to coordinate with locations/facilities that you may have pre-arranged operational procedures agreed to for keeping all parties safe.  This layer serves as an informational layer for first responders to know what has been arranged or coordinated with specific facilities.